Blue Gauntlet Loyalty program

As you may realize, Blue Gauntlet has one of the oldest mask manufacture in the industry. We make full range of top quality masks used by beginners to Olympians!  At Blue Gauntlet, the safety is our highest priority.  Even our most basic mask has higher rating in protection than higher priced competitors.  You may now save 20% off your new Blue Gauntlet Mask by trading in your old BG mask!  The trade in mask must be a Blue Gauntlet mask. You may trade in for the same model or even upgrade to a higher Blue Gauntlet Mask!

Note: We must receive the old mask for you to redeem the 20% savings.  20% savings are calculated from the regular price ONLY.Can NOT be combined with other discounts or promotions.  Clubs and schools are not eligible for the trading in program.