BG superior (SG) 350N Removable Foil Fencing MASK (1000NW) with conducting bib

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Part Number:SG-MK-EF-R
  • Tough mesh construction results in one of the lowest failure rate in the industry.
  • 1000N protection gives more confidence in safety than the little over 350N standard used by other manufactures in the non-fie class
  • Extra padding designed to fit different shapes of face more comfortably.
  • Three straps included for more flexible wearing styles.
  • Inside lining is machine washable.
  • The inside lining with patented moisture wicking fabric composed with differentials such as anti-bacteria; anti-odor; improved breathability and blood circulation.

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The BG Superior Removable Universal Mask (350NW) Mask contains high quality padding which provides extra comfort and breathability. The extra padding is removable and machine washable.  When "X" fitting is applied, the crossing strap will push your head further into the mask and secure the position EVEN though the mask is a little bigger for your head.  The removable head cushion can also be inserted at the top to reduce the fitting circumference for your face. These tools enable the same mask to be fitted better for more sizes of head than any other brand in the industry!

Special notes about "X" fitting: This mask comes with 3 straps. For simplicity, you can just use one strap (applied horizontally with velcro).  If you choose to use "X" fitting with the 3 straps, please read the following: 

There is some confusion about "X" fitting by some inexperienced referees.  The style is PERFECTLY LEGAL in any tournament.  The international (FIE) regulation does require a "HORIZONTAL" strap on the mask. This rule was targeting at fencers who ONLY use metal tongue on their masks instead of the horizontal strap. In response to referees who may have taken the word "HORIZONTAL" literally, we recommend to apply the horizontal strap (which comes with the mask) in addition the the "X" if you choose to use "X" fitting.  


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